ABC Foundation 33 College Graduates for SY 2015-2016

Graduation cap and diploma - rendered in 3d

A Better Chance Foundation takes great pride in presenting to you our College and University Scholar Graduates for School Year 2015-2016. These young men and women have been with ABC Foundation since their days as our Night High Scholars. Congratulations to each of the 33 graduates and their families. Their schools and degree are indicated to the right of each name.

Tumuntong, Leonilla RTU BS Accountancy
Millos, Mary Ann QCPU BS Electrical Engineering
Pardillo, Ainna Jamille CSU BS Accountancy
Mata, John Eddieson QCPU BS Entrepreneur
Maranga, Leanna Rose PUP BS Psychology
Bandola, Glizel Anne PUP BA Broadcast Communication
Aquino, Alfred PUP BS Secondary Education
Escobido, John Rhexl PUP BS Business Administration
Natalio, Mary Grace BSU BS Education Major in Physical Science
Orsos, Joanalaine PUP BS Biology
Jorge Velitario BSU BS General Engineering
Zieg Fred Alixson Azada BSU BS Information Technology
Mark Anthony Galono PUP BSBA Human Resource Development
Roxas, Ricardo II TUP BSIE-Computer Education
Ana Mae Arevalo MBC BS Accountancy
Calderon, Dayanara URS BS Entrepreneurial  Management
Espiritu, Mat Geiydione PUP BS Computer Science
Guadana, Almira PUP BS  Business Teacher Educ.
Mabaga, Jonerva MPC BS Industrial Tech.
Masagca, Rheymar PUP BS Economics
Punay, Ma. Michelle RTU BS Psychology
San Juan, Mariett RTU BS Psychology
Tumala, Lorrine QCPU BS Entrepreneurial  Management
Alonso, Ariel TIP BS Electrical Engineering
Capitle, Wilbert MAAP BS Marine Engineer
Fugnit, Mary Joyce Christine PUP BS Civil Engineering
Gayuma, Emmanuel ABE College BS Business Administration
Gomez, John Cedric PUP BS Mechanical Engineering
Imperial, Rhegean New Era College BS Education Major in English
Laguerta, Mary Joy NTC BS Accountancy
Oblea, Carlos Wilson NU BS Education Sports and Wellness Management
Pimentel, Roncey PUP BS Mechanical Engineering
Sembrano, Jocel Vince Allyn SCT Religious Education


BA                    –           Bachelor of Arts

BS                    –           Bachelor of Science

BSU                  –          Bulacan State University

CSU                  –          Cavite State University

MAAP              –         Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific

MPC                –          Marikina Polytechnic College

NTC                 –           National Teachers College

NU                   –           National University

PUP                  –           Polytechnic University of the Philippines

QCPU               –           Quezon City Polytechnic University of the Philippines

RTU                 –           Rizal Technological University

SCTR                –          Siena College of Taytay, Rizal

TIP                   –           Technological Institute of the Philippines

TUP                  –           Technological University of the Philippines

URS                  –           University Rizal System

With this new batch of graduates A Better Chance Foundation now has 163 college scholar graduates. Congratulations to all!

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Chairman’s Note: Denied Meal Leads to Tears

By: Lewis Edwards

tearsTears flowed like a river down the cheeks of two boys when they were told they were not included in the new feeding program of ABC Foundation at Kaligayahan Elementary School. They pleaded for a meal, they begged to be with the other malnourished children inside already eating. Our planned feeding was for 40 kids to receive a nutritious meal but the number quickly stretched beyond that commitment and when it reached 52 kids the cook nervously told us we had to close the door or we would run out of food. The tears of the two rejected boys spread to others in the feeding room, adults were teary eyed. It was a sad moment, one of those experiences that stays with you, disturbs you and makes you wonder, “what can I do?”. We all watched the two boys, their energy spent on crying and pleading for food, slowly walk away, their heads down, defeated, hungry. Like hundreds of others they had come to school without a breakfast meal at home.

Records indicate that 25% of public elementary school children come to school hungry. When these children are measured for weight and height for their age they often are classified as malnourished, even severely malnourished.

In School Year 2016-2017 which begins in June, A Better Chance Foundation plans to do something about it for the whole school year by feeding 52 malnourished students at Kaligayahan Elementary School in Novaliches, Quezon City and we will also feed another 40 children in need at Payatas Elementary School, Annex B, also in Quezon City.

I invite you to join us and be a donor to our feeding program. It s easy and here are details to help you decide if now is the time to step forward and be a benefactor to these children who can easily be called ‘ the poorest of the poor’.

The cost of one meal is P 18.00 which breaks down as follows:

Food cost – – P 12.00

Cook cost- – P   5.00 (pro rated per meal)

LPG cost- – P 1.00   (pro rated per meal)

Total cost for one meal – – P 18.00 —-about US $ 0.38)


Every meal is a hot meal with rice, including vegetables, broth and some meat 2 or 3 times a week.

The total cost to feed 52 children for one day amounts to: P 936.00 ( about US$ 20.00)

To feed 52 children for one week amounts to: P 4,680 (about US$ 100.00)

To feed 52 children for four weeks will cost: P 18,720 (about US$ 398.00)

To feed 52 children for the entire school year, 200 days: P 187,200 (about US$ 3,983)

The first donor to this program was Ms. Gloria Stevenson of Angeles City, Pampanga. She fed the children, 52 of them, for one week. Thank you, Gloria!


Ms. Gloria Stevenson from Angeles, Pampanga Philippines

Shortly after that Fay and Bob Orshoski of Las Vegas, Nevada sponsored feeding 52 malnourished children at Kaligayahan Elementary school, also for one week of feeding. a total of 260 meals for the five days of the school week. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, Bob and Fay.

bob and fay

Bob & Fay Orshoski from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Happy givers are encouraged to join us at either or both of the schools when classes start again in June. Witness the feeding, see the happiness of the kids. You’ll know that any donation you make is for the best cause, the health and well being of these unfortunate children.

Join us, donate whatever you can, it will be money well spent.

Good wishes,

Lewis A. Edwards, Jr.                                                                                                                                                   Website:                                                                                        FB: [email protected]



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Chairman’s Note: Year End Letter to our Sponsors

by: Lewis Edwards

Dear Benefactors and Friends,

The school year has ended for Night High Scholars of A Better Chance Foundation and will also end soon for our 190 college scholars. We thank you for thank-you-appleyour generous support. Your donations and commitments to our program ‘scholarships for the poor’ is always important to us and especially to our scholars and their families.

School Year 2016-2017 will start in June for most of our scholars. Scholars in (UP) University of The Philippines will be one exception as their classes will start in August.

Our schedule of fees for the next school year will be as follows:

Junior High Scholars (grades 7 through 10) — P 4,000 per year (Note the name change to Junior High Scholars, new for SY 2016-2017)

Senior High Scholars (Grade 11 Scholars) –P 4,000 per year (Note the name change, no more Night High)qxdqf7rf4n710wdbvvc611College and University Scholars:

For (PUP) Polytechnic University of The Philippines, (URS) University Rizal System,  all Years, 1st through 4th or 5th –P 9,000 per school year. (Approximately $194.40 @ P46.30 to US $1.00)

For (RTU) Rizal Technology University, (QCPU) Quezon City Polytechnic University, (BSU) Bulacan State University, (TUP) Technological University of the Philippines and all other government colleges and universities we send scholars to, All Years, 1st through 4th or 5th –P 15,000 per school year. (Approximately $324.00 @ P46.30 to US $1.00)


For (UP) University of the Philippines, tuition discounts are given thru the (STS) Socialized Tuition System and this varies depending on the family’s capacity to pay. In the past our UP scholars have received discounted tuition of 50% to 100%. Regular tuition is P50,000 and more per year. (Approximately $1,080.00)

We invite you to return as a donor next school year to continue on with the legacy of generosity you have established. Rest assured, we need your help to continue on with having over 600 scholars in junior high school and high school and nearly 200 in college this past year.


In addition we will have 3 ongoing feeding programs next school year. One will be in St. Dominic Academy in Pulilan, Bulacan and it will be sponsored by Bob and Bev Sellar of Pleasanton, California for the 9th year. We will have two public school feeding programs in Quezon City and we are looking for donors. A price list is available and shows how you can feed children for anywhere from one day to one year, 200 school days. The cost of one nutritious meal is only P18.00 or US 0.39c

Good wishes to all and thank you again for making school year 2015-2016 a big success.

Lewis A. Edwards, Jr.                                                                                                                                                   Website:                                                                                        FB: [email protected]

P.S. A Better Chance Foundation now has 180 College Graduates and 894 Night High Graduates, thanks to all of our donors.

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HISTORY WAS MADE TODAY in A Better Chance Foundation

For the PayitForwardfirst time ever a scholar/graduate has ‘paid it forward’ and become a Donor to ABC Foundation by sponsoring one Night High Scholar. That scholar/ graduate, now donor, is Leo Dimatalo. Leo belonged to the Class of 2008 at Siena, Taytay where he was class president for 3 years and Valedictorian of his class. I was at the graduation of this class and I’m remembering some of his classmates: Ivy and Faye Sedo, Jessica Piguerra, Jamie Medina, Renz Olvida, Mark Cruz, DK Victor and Mercado Mercado. Leo gave his valedictory address and I clearly remember him saying,” someday a Night High Scholar will be the president (long pause)……..of The Philippines”. There was thunderous applause and cheering!


Leo Dimatalo former ABC Scholar

After Night High Leo was able to get a scholarship on his own from Adamson University in exchange for working 5 years in the Registrar’s Office. His course was the 5 years Accountancy major. Leo now works for the (BIR) Bureau of Internal Revenue, Manila and is a part time student at the Law School of University of the East, Juris Doctor Program.  Leo made history today in A Better Chance Foundation, Thanks and congratulations! By next week we’ll inform you who your scholar is.


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facebook-like-button-1920-800x450I like Facebook and look at it everyday. A few weeks back it was a different kind of week with good news being posted everyday.

On Monday, I saw our former Night High Scholar in South Korea, heavily bundled up and posing in the snow. It was a real winter scene. She is Karen Carpentero and she now works for Ducati, Italian Motorcycles, in Quezon City. When I asked her what she was doing in South Korea she replied “I’m on vacation”. Since then I’ve seen her in the flagship showroom of Ducati, along Katipunan Road, Quezon City. She’s worked there for 3 years and is a highly productive Sales Associate. Karen and I took a picture together in the showroom and it was posted on the page of ABC Foundation.


On Tuesday I received a FaceBook message that former Night High Scholar Ivy Sedo had met her business quota for 2015 of 1.3 million Euros. Ivy, like Karen above, attended (MFI) Meralco Foundation Institute after graduating from Night High as a scholar of A Better Chance Foundation in Siena, Taytay. Ivy graduated from Instrumentation Technology and Karen from Automotive Mechanics.

Wednesday came and there was a post by former Night High and University scholar, Opalyn Calleja currently working with AVIDA Land as Leasing Associate. She asked for the bank account details of ABC Foundation so that she and two other ABC Foundation scholars, Jessica Piguerra who is now working at Yokogawa as Structural Engineer and John Ven Buenaventura working for AVIDA Land as a Site Analyst could make a donation, ‘pay it forward’ and sponsor a scholar. Well, that is the most welcome request ever! I sent our bank details to Opalyn.


Then on Thursday we got the news that we could meet two of our donors from the USA at Siena College, Taytay and introduce them to their scholars, all 8 of them. It was a joyous occasion to meet Ma am Lulu Mediana and Ma am Josie Stritehoff for the first time. It was a ‘love fest’ with scholars and sponsors and we were so happy for all. Ms. Lulu Mediana is our first donor ever to find us on Face Book and become a donor as a result of that viewing on FB. From that time Ms. Lulu was able to bring several of her friends to ABC Foundation and they are now sponsoring scholars too. Thank you, Lulu! And Ms. Lulu lives in Pittsburg, CA., about 15 miles from where I grew up in Martinez, CA.


Friday came and scholar Camille Santa Maria visited our office. We took a picture together and posted it on Facebook. We got a lot of LIKES. Camille is a 3 rd year Chemistry Scholar at (UP) University of The Philippines, Los Banos campus. A few days later I visited the Lao Foundation with Gail  Pangilinan and when I told Alvin Lao, EVP and CFO of our Chemistry scholar he said, “when she graduates please send her (and any CPA graduates) to our company for a job interview”.

It was an interesting week on Facebook!

Lew Edwards                                                                                                                                                                     Chairman / Founder                                                                                                                                                   A Better Chance Foundation


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Giving Thanks to our Sponsors

“We would like to share with you a letter from Alleja Lorie Mae Ito to her SCA79ers Global Sponsors. She is currently one of our 7th Grade Night High Scholars at Siena College of Taytay, Rizal.”


Alleja Lorie Mae I. Ito, 7th Grade Night High School Scholar at Siena College of Taytay, Rizal

To our dearest sponsors,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Our Sponsors. You have shown your sincere kindness by lending a hand in our education and well being. Your sponsorship has help us to realize that dreams do come true and that we can be what we want to be. Our family is secured knowing that we can continue our education through your help. In behalf of our families , we pour out our  humble thanks to your generosity.

It is good to note and remember that there are people out there who are concerned about the underprivileged. You have shown us your sincere kindness and willingness to help us on our education. A lot of great things can be said about you, more than you can ever know and for that thank you for everything.

Once again please accept our sincere appreciation and God bless you and your families.

We Love you!

Alleja Lorie Mae I. Ito

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A Letter From College Scholar, Heherson Domael

Nothing touches our hearts more than receiving wonderful letters from our scholars, so we’d like to share a recent letter we received from one of our College Scholars, Heherson Domael, a 2015 Night High graduate from Siena College, Quezon City.

Heherson is being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Diliman, and he is a first year college student at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, majoring in BS Computer Engineering.

Here is his heart-warming letter to us, and to his sponsors:


Dear Ma’am/Sir:

My parents and I would like to express gratitude for your financial support in my undergraduate studies. We also want to thank you for your kindness to students like me who are in financial need. We appreciate your assistance in pursuing my tertiary education and increasing my chances to succeed in the future.

New learnings and discoveries came aside from the good memories of the first-half of my first year as a Computer Engineering student. My first college days gave me culture shock because I set my foot to an everything-is-new environment. I entered Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila bringing the honor of Siena College, Quezon City, the institution who built my character for five years of my secondary education.

I enjoyed my first experiences at PLM because they had one thing in common: they brought life lessons and learnings. Last July, our school’s ROTC Unit bested different reserve force units in the annual ROTC Challenge at Camp Aguinaldo. Before the final exams of the previous semester, my classmates and I went to Bulacan to make experimental projects in General Chemistry (Laboratory). We also explored some places in Manila to shoot our music video project in Filipino.

When traffic jam to PLM is slow, I find a good lighting on the public vehicle I am riding and take some time to read my lecture notes. When major exams are fast-approaching, I close my social media accounts to avoid distractions in reviewing. Once in every week, I carry my T-square, A3 vellum boards, triangles, compass, pencils, and technical pens by myself for Engineering Drawing subject. Meanwhile every Sunday, my parents and I miss our outdoor family bonding because of ROTC. I have spent some of my midnights finishing my EngDraw plates, writing and encoding paper assignments, memorizing a speech, and solving take-home Math problems. These are some of my struggles as a Computer Engineering freshman.

My efforts and sacrifices for first semester paid off worth when I passed all of my subjects for the said term and got a GWA of 1.47.

I entered the second semester with optimism. It will be more challenging because of three Math subjects, upgraded military training and physical activities, level-up engineering and writing competency courses, and tighter class schedules. Praying is, without dead works, my main weapon at all times.

Once again, thank you for your helpful scholarship program that lessens the burden of expenses of my family.

Sincerely yours,

Heherson I. Domael

Scholar, A Better Chance Foundation and Rotary Club of Diliman

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Eyeglass Project at Payatas B Annex Elementary School, Quezon City

By: Julius Briel Panis

What is seen by the eye is transformed and colored by the vision of the mind.

– Robert Wade.

The Springboard Foundation, through A Better Chance Foundation, continue to bring better vision for children with poor eyesight by sponsoring an Eyeglass Project at Payatas B Annex Elementary School in Quezon City.

October 14 2015, Dr. Jeson Vinas, ABC Foundation volunteer optometrist, and his wife Ms. Anne Vinas, checked the eyes of students from grades 1 to 6 at Payatas B Annex Elementary School, including those in their Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program. Dr. Jeson and Ms. Anne were wholeheartedly assisted by students and personnel of the school.


Ms. Anne Vinas assisting Dr. Jeson Vinas during the eye check-ups.


Dr. Jeson Vinas with a student assisting in the eye check-ups.

On November 13, 2015, Friday, Payatas B Annex Elementary School personnel, headed by Principal Lilian Gundao, Ed.D, organized the distribution of 306 pairs of prescription eyeglasses for the students. The program started with a solemn doxology prayer from kindergarten students. The Philippine National Anthem was sung, and short speeches were delivered by Dr.Lilia Gundao, Ms. Gina Tuazon, Program Coordinator of Springboard Foundation, and Dr.Jeson Vinas, all emphasizing the importance of having good vision for education, and how to care for their eyes and eyeglasses.


Kindergarten angels open the program with an invocation.


The new Principal of Payatas B Annex Elementary School, Dr. Lilian Gundao.


Ms. Gina Tuazon, Program Director of Springboard Foundation.


Dr. Jeson Vinas, teaching the students how to take care of their eyes, and their brand new eyeglasses.

Ms. Gina Tuazon and Dr. Jeson Vinas lead the distribution of eyeglasses. When the children received their brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses, happiness and excitement could be seen on their blissful faces. Many students gave their “Thank You’” cards to Springboard Foundation as a sign of their appreciation for the gifts that they received. The program was concluded by messages of gratitude from representative parents and students of the school.


The Eyeglass Project sponsored by Springboard Foundation succeeded in giving children better vision, not only for their eyes but for their future as well. Kudos Springboard Foundation!


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The Long View

Having scholars and producing eventual graduates requires many things, especially a long term view. Looking back it took A Better Chance Foundation 6 years, from 2001 to 2007 to produce our first batch of Night High School graduates from Siena College,Taytay, Rizal. Then it took another four years,  till 2011 to have our first college graduates.  But it’s all worth it when you consider the result. We now have 130 college graduates.

Two months ago two of our Night High Scholars who went on to be our college scholars passed the Board Exam for Electrical Engineers. Electrical Engineering is a 5 year course and the two who graduated from the course, then passed the Board Exam are:

Fatima Grad Pict

Fatima “Mima” Vilador, 22 years old, a resident of Taytay and a graduate of Siena College, Taytay, Rizal, and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). She recently, donated 8 inches of her hair to make wigs for cancer patients.



Mercado Mercado, was also one of our former Night High Scholars from Siena College, Taytay, Rizal, who recently passed his Electrical Engineer Board Exams.  Mercado used to volunteer at our office in his spare time or during semestral breaks, to collect ABC donation cans around Metro Manila.  Like Fatima, Mercado is a graduate of Rizal Technological University.

This school year we have 190 scholars in 30 different universities and colleges and two first year scholars are in The University of The Philippines.

Pao GreciaIn the Cebu City campus of UP we have scholar Paolo Grecia, majoring in BS Psychology. Paolo was our Night High Scholar in Siena, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, and was the Valedictorian of his class. He is excited about all the possibilities ahead of him. He reported to us recently that though he finds being a UP student quite overwhelming, he’s learning to manage his time, and balance his academics, as well as his social life.

Kim FloresIn the Los Banos campus of UP we have scholar Kimberely Flores, majoring in B.S. Forestry. She too has big plans for her future and the possibility of reforesting the country. Kimberely was our scholar in Night High School at Siena College, Taytay, Rizal.

With Mima and Mercado launching their new careers in Electrical Engineering we wish them the best of good fortune and are thankful that they took ‘the long view’ towards their education. And with Kimberely and Paolo we encourage them to take that same long view, invest the time needed to get a first rate education and then to get out in the world and use that education wisely.

Good wishes to all,

Lew Edwards

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1,024 Graduates and Still Counting…

By:  Lewis Edwards

The world’s largest consultancy firm by revenues is Accenture, based in Ireland, with 323,000 employees worldwide and 35,000 employees in the Philippines in 12 locations. And I am proud to tell you that five of our ABC Foundation college graduates work for Accenture!

The 5 employees I’m about to identify for you were our scholars in Night High School for five years and then 4 or 5 years of college. First, Certified Public Accountant Katherine Cajoles, Michelle Quijano, applied math graduate doing data analysis for health care clients in the US, followed by Computer Engineer Michael Lalongbilang, then Sunshine Bondal, with a BS Management Degree doing Customer Service and finally Joana Marie Rama, Banking and Finance major, now working as a Data Analyst.

We are very proud of these five outstanding scholar graduates, all working for the fine company, Accenture. They set a good example for our existing college scholars, 190 of them for school year 2015-2016.

A Better Chance Foundation was founded in 2001 and from the beginning we have had long term goals for the education of poor but smart young boys and girls. It took us a long time to produce our first Night High graduates and that came in the year 2007. Then it took us till 2011 to produce our first college graduates. So far, 14 years into our journey we have produced 894 Night High graduates and 130 college graduates. Many months ago I wrote about some of our scholars and here is an update on three of them:

Mariel Pigtain, grew up in Taytay, Rizal, her mother is a homemaker, her father a fish vendor, buying his stock at Laguna de Bay every morning. He has a regular route through the town of Taytay, usually selling his supply. When he was unable to sell all his fish he would give them to Mariel and her siblings with the instructions for them to sell the remaining fish to their contacts. Usually they did, when they could not, guess what their dinner was? Today, Mariel is in Brisbane, Australia, studying under a scholarship she arranged, her major: nursing. She was our Night High scholar, then our scholar at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) graduating ‘cum laude’ in Broadcast Communications.

Then there is Kristofer Delas Penas, Night High scholar from Siena College, Taytay, Rizal, and then our scholar at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman where he majored in Computer Science. Kristofer graduated ‘magna cum laude’, with such great potential the University granted him a full scholarship for a Master’s Degree, only requiring him to teach 6 hours a week, which he relished. Today he has written his thesis, it was posted last April and he will defend it in December. The title of his thesis: Combining Computer Science with Medical Science with the Goal to Eradicate the Malaria Carrying  Mosquito from the Island of Palawan’ . Gloria and Dr. Carlos Reyes sponsored Kristofer throughout his Night High School and college days. Kristofer is seriously considering further studies for a PhD in computer science.

Ivy Sedo is another scholar of ours who was in our Night High Class of 2008 at Siena College, Taytay. She took a different route and got herself a scholarship at what was then the (MFI) Meralco Foundation Institute. She took the vocational course of Instrumentation Technology and graduated in 2011. On graduation she was recruited by many companies and went to work immediately. She was our first scholar to fly when she was sent to Davao City to work on the San Miguel brewery,  doing annual maintenance and repair work under her supervision. Later she became our first scholar to travel abroad when her employer sent her to Hanoi for further training. And later still Ivy’s employer sent her to Germany and France for additional training.  Ms. Ivy has been working now for 4 years and recently I saw a post she made on Facebook, she was in an airplane with her parents and at Disney Land, Hong Kong with them. Her treat for mom and dad.

We also have college scholars who have majored in Marine Engineering, with hopes of sailing the Seven Seas of the world while earning enough to support not just themselves, but their families.  Franz Mazo, our Night High Scholar from Siena College, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, went on to become one of our college scholars who graduated from the course in 2015.  Two other college scholars, Rani Manalastas and Wilbert Capitle, both from Siena College, Quezon City, and sponsored throughout their Night High School and College by Springboard Foundation and Robert Bosch, Inc., have sailed to countries in Asia and Europe aboard cargo ships as part of their maritime academy training.

These are a few of our scholar graduates, I hope you’ve enjoyed their success stories. They are an inspiration not only to us but to other scholars and their parents. And, of course, to their sponsors who rejoice in their accomplishments.

To find out more about A Better Chance Foundation and our other scholars, please visit our page on Facebook.

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