Eyeglass Project with Springboard Foundation


Ms. Annette of Springboard Foundation and Ms. Julia of Manila Women's Forum present the students of Kalayaan Elementary School with their prescription eyeglasses.

2010 ends with the completion of our 3rd Eyeglass Project for S.Y. 2010-2011, sponsored by Springboard Foundation.

The beneficiaries of this Eyeglass Project were the elementary students of Kalayaan Elementary School in Paranaque City.

November 17 and 18, Springboard Foundation and A Better Chance Foundation, along with volunteer optometrist Dr. Jeson Viñas and Ms. Anne Viñas were at Kalayaan Elementary School to conduct eye testing among its students. 200 students with poor eyesight will be given free prescription eyeglasses, provided by Claire Vision, sponsored by Springboard Foundation through A Better Chance Foundation.

On November 27, Springboard Foundation and ABC Foundation returned to Kalayaan Elementary School to personally give each of the 200 pairs prescription eyeglasses to the needy students.

A short program was prepared by the teachers, students and administrators of Kalayaan Elementary School for the eyeglass distribution activity. Ms. Emilia Obliando, Grade 4 Leader opened the program on behalf of Kalayaan Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Avelita Mercado, who unfortunately could not attend the activity.

In attendance to represent A Better Chance Foundation were Ms. Hidie Niedo, Program Director, Dr. Jeson Viñas, Optometrist, and Ms. Anne Viñas of Claire Vision; Ms. Annette Helbig, President and Ms. Gina Tuason, Coordinator, friends and supporters of Springboard Foundation.

The students and beneficiaries of Kalayaan Elementary School put on numerous entertaining performances during the program. The Grade 3 students performed a Filipino folk dance called Tiklos, while the Grade 1 students performed a lively dance to the beat of a pop song. Not to be outdone, The Grade 2 and Grade 5 students each sang group songs, and to close the program, all 200 beneficiaries sang a community song entitled “Thanks to You.”

Dr. Jeson Viñas gave the students and parents in attendance tips on how to care for their eyes and on the proper use of eyeglasses. He reminded the students to always wear the eyeglasses given to them and he advised the parents to never borrow the eyeglasses prescribed to their children, for their own use.

ABC Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who worked so hard in making this Eyeglass Project a success: To Dr. Jeson and Ms. Anne Viñas and Claire Vision for volunteering their time to conduct eye testing and for providing the 200 pairs of prescription eyeglasses; to all the teachers and administrators of Kalayaan Elementary School for their cooperation and hospitality during the eye testing phase and for putting together a wonderful eyeglass distribution program. To all the students of Kalayaan Elementary School for their cooperation and patience during the eye testing phase and for the entertaining intermission numbers during the distribution program, and to the parents of the students, for attending the distribution program and for supporting their children.

Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to thank Springboard Foundation and their sponsors, friends, and supporters for sponsoring all 200 pairs of prescription eyeglasses for the students of Kalayaan Elementary School. The efforts and generosity of Springboard Foundation has made it possible for ABC Foundation to bring its Eyeglass Project to the needy and very deserving students of Kalayaan Elementary School.

The students of Kalayaan Elementary School with their brand new prescription eyeglasses sponsored by Springboard Foundation.


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