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Chairman’s Note: Denied Meal Leads to Tears

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Chairman’s Note: Denied Meal Leads to Tears

Tears flowed like a river down the cheeks of two boys when they were told they were not included in the new feeding program of ABC Foundation at Kaligayahan Elementary School. They pleaded for a meal, they begged to be with the other malnourished children inside already eating. Our planned feeding was for 40 kids to receive a nutritious meal but the number quickly stretched beyond that commitment and when it reached 52 kids the cook nervously told us we had to close the door or we would run out of food. The tears of the two rejected boys spread to others in the feeding room, adults were teary eyed. It was a sad moment, one of those experiences that stays with you, disturbs you and makes you wonder, “what can I do?”. We all watched the two boys, their energy spent on crying and pleading for food, slowly walk away, their heads down, defeated, hungry. Like hundreds of others they had come to school without a breakfast meal at home.

Records indicate that 25% of public elementary school children come to school hungry. When these children are measured for weight and height for their age they often are classified as malnourished, even severely malnourished.

In School Year 2016-2017 which begins in June, A Better Chance Foundation plans to do something about it for the whole school year by feeding 52 malnourished students at Kaligayahan Elementary School in Novaliches, Quezon City and we will also feed another 40 children in need at Payatas Elementary School, Annex B, also in Quezon City.

I invite you to join us and be a donor to our feeding program. It s easy and here are details to help you decide if now is the time to step forward and be a benefactor to these children who can easily be called ‘ the poorest of the poor’.

The cost of one meal is P 18.00 which breaks down as follows:

Food cost – – P 12.00

Cook cost- – P   5.00 (pro rated per meal)

LPG cost- – P 1.00   (pro rated per meal)

Total cost for one meal – – P 18.00 —-about US $ 0.38)

Every meal is a hot meal with rice, including vegetables, broth and some meat 2 or 3 times a week.

The total cost to feed 52 children for one day amounts to: P 936.00 ( about US$ 20.00)

To feed 52 children for one week amounts to: P 4,680 (about US$ 100.00)

To feed 52 children for four weeks will cost: P 18,720 (about US$ 398.00)

To feed 52 children for the entire school year, 200 days: P 187,200 (about US$ 3,983)

The first donor to this program was Ms. Gloria Stevenson of Angeles City, Pampanga. She fed the children, 52 of them, for one week. Thank you, Gloria!

Ms. Gloria Stevenson from Angeles, Pampanga Philippines

Shortly after that Fay and Bob Orshoski of Las Vegas, Nevada sponsored feeding 52 malnourished children at Kaligayahan Elementary school, also for one week of feeding. a total of 260 meals for the five days of the school week. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, Bob and Fay.

bob and fay
Bob & Fay Orshoski from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Happy givers are encouraged to join us at either or both of the schools when classes start again in June. Witness the feeding, see the happiness of the kids. You’ll know that any donation you make is for the best cause, the health and well being of these unfortunate children.

Join us, donate whatever you can, it will be money well spent.

Good wishes,

Lewis A. Edwards, Jr.

Website: www.abetterchancefoundation.org.ph

FB: [email protected]