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Letters of Gratitude from the Class of 2013

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Letters of Gratitude from the Class of 2013

We would like to share some letters of gratitude from some of our college graduates of 2013.  These college graduates are from our Night High Class of 2009 at Siena College, Taytay, Rizal. They were awarded ABC College Scholarships back in S.Y. 2009-2010, and they have now graduated from college.

Below are their letters of gratitude to ABC Foundation and Chairman Lewis Edwards.

These letters can also be seen here, in a website they created especially for ABC Foundation.


It all ends…

Five years of high school, and four years of college. Nine long years of struggle, but finally, now is the time of triumph. The end comes, the end of acquiring knowledge and wisdom that academic institutions offer, the end of formal education needed to take part in the society. The end of the pursuit of one of our greatest dreams.

It begins…

We embark on another journey. We open up a new chapter in our lives. We shall now face the world, equipped with the knowledge we gained through education. It begins.

And so we thank you…

None of these would be accomplished without you. We were once hopefuls for scholarships, and you have given us that opportunity – to be recipients of help for us to continue on our studies. And as we face the ultimate realization of the support you have given us – to graduate and to be holders of our respective degrees, we give you our sincerest gratitude.

Four years have passed since I’ve been told that I would still be supported by ABC throughout college and now I have finally graduated. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for having such a great heart for being one of the pillars of the foundation reaching out to poor but deserving students. There are more young people like me who aspire to make a difference in the family. If I were just given the chance to have a graduation speech, I would have dedicated my success to the Filipino youth who were not given the chance to have quality education, especially to my high school classmates who have not gotten this far and who were forced to give up school and work for the family.

I was very lucky to be given the talent and the right opportunity to hone it. I never thought a daughter of a flea market vendor like me would get to study in the most prestigious university of the country. And now, I have the means to help my family to have a better life. You see sir, my dream, is to be a professor in my alma mater. This, I have only realized a few months ago. I would have a low salary but there is nothing more that I want in life than to give quality education to young bright minds that would be the future of this developing country. I wish that just like how I got to UP, I will reach my goal and fulfillment.

But none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for the great opportunity you have given me. For trusting me and helping me be who I am today. In the future, if I’m already able to do so, I would pay back and help other students. My 4 years in UP made me realize more how important good education is, that it can pave way to the betterment of society. I would never forget what you have given me. I would always be grateful and I will do my best to help more people just as you did for us.

Our graduation wouldn’t mean goodbye for we would always go back to where we were. The foundation would always be close to our hearts and of course, you sir, who have been not only our benefactor but also our inspiration. Thank you very much for everything. We would always remember you as our Santa. God bless you sir. I wish you good health and more joyful years to come.

Maureen Denice Alfonso, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila.


Hi Sir!

it’s been a while since I wrote my thanksgiving letter to you. I just wanted to tell you Sir that I finally made it.  I just finished college last April 5, 2013 at Ynares Center Antipolo with a degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management. It is one of the most unforgettable days of my life. Those 4 years of my college life would not be possible of course without the organization’s support and assistance not only just for financial but for being an inspiration to fully reach my dreams.

Right now, I am completing my pre-employment requirements for Banco de Oro, as a Client Service Associate  and I’m really hoping for this one to become possible and successful.

Thank you very much Sir for being part of my initial step to fulfill my dreams –studying.

Thank you so much again Sir and God bless. Always take care

Rowella Aligora, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management, University of Rizal System – Binangonan.

To the people who made a great impact in my life, I really want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one of your scholars. What you have given me is something that made me experience the hardships that will help me in facing the real challenge in life. I know that I may not the best but because of you I learned a lot. The pressure of college is really tough but it’s something I am really proud of. I experienced every kind of test that made me happy, sad, depressed, and matured but also made me strong and brave.

I may not celebrate the May graduation with my batch mates but I promise that I will finish what we have started.

For supporting me and believing in me, thank you.

For helping me through my ups and down, thank you.

Those nine years with you and your foundation, those hardships in school, for letting me experience all of them, thank you.

I promise you to be that “Somebody” someday, and I will keep that promise.

God bless you always.

Angelyn Apitan, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

A good day to you Sir! Few weeks from now, I will be graduating at the World Trade Center together with the other students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines that strived hard to finish college and make their parents proud. I would like you to know that I have always been thankful and honored to be one of the scholars of ABC Foundation. Our beloved foundation was able to fulfill many students’ dream which was to pursue and finish their studies. Without you Sir, ABC Foundation would not have been possible. You served as an instrument of God to help many poor but deserving students to acquire good quality of education.

My first year in PUP was not as enjoyable as the next three years because I started as an Accountancy student. I flunked at one of my accounting subjects because my heart was not in it and I really did not enjoy computing numbers. So, I decided to shift to another course and Clinical Psychology was what I chose to pursue. At first, I had no idea if I will be able to succeed in this path that I chose, but here I am, about to graduate on the 10th of May. Just like any other students, there were a lot of rough times which made me exhausted like meeting deadlines, sleepless nights, terror professors and arguments with classmates but it seemed to help me strive hard to get good grades and make everybody proud of me. If there were rough times, there were also a lot of the good times. I really enjoyed the company of my classmates as I get to know them as time goes by. We came from different courses, we have different personalities and status in life but we were able to understand each other.

My experiences from college, whether good or bad, have made me become a better person. This opportunity that ABC Foundation gave me will never be forgotten because it helped our family a lot to survive throughout the past years. Life nowadays is not easy to bear. Scholarships are of great help to lessen the burden of those students who have dreams to finish studying and also have plans on helping others as well in the future. I hope that you will still continue to help other students with big dreams and help them have a better life.

Thank you so much Sir Edwards. Thank you ABC Foundation.

Ryka de Jesus, Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

I can still clearly remember the day you came to know that I passed the UPCAT, and without hesitation, you immediately granted me the college scholarship that I truly needed to be able to continue my studies. It was an overwhelming experience (and I may have been speechless at that time), but one thing is for sure, my heart, at that moment, was overflowing with gratitude.

And so as I enter college, with your generous help, I always tried my best in everything I do – in every exam I took, in every project I made, and in the very process of learning and acquiring knowledge beyond what the books and lectures could give. I gave my best knowing that for the help you have given me, you only deserve to hear that your support yielded the best for me.

Four years have passed. I have learned and experienced a lot. And now, I embark on another chapter of my life as I graduate from my chosen field. Looking back, I know that this would not be possible without your help, and so I would like to give my sincerest gratitude to you, Mr. Edwards, and to everyone who has been part of the ABC Foundation.

You have made possible the realization of a dream. Upon reaching this, I know that I now stand on firm ground, and I now have the means to attain the next goals – to be successful and to pay forward for all the blessings given to me.

Kristofer delas Peñas, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of the Philippines Diliman.

Good day!

It had almost been 9 years since I became a scholar of A Better Chance Foundation, from being a Night High scholar to a College scholar. I remembered the first day when I set my foot in PUP, it gave me an unnecessary shock because of the university’s poor facilities. Though it disappointed me a little, I have no choice but to pursue my tertiary studies given another privilege to be sponsored by the same foundation that had funded my high school education. I was very thankful from the bottom of my heart.

College life was not easy as I’ve thought before especially that I’d chosen a degree that is difficult to pass through- Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I guessed my dream to become successful and stable in the future had driven me to take the course. I wasn’t sure at first if I’ll be able to survive 1st year because of the 2.0 policy that the college had set. Luckily, I had reached 4th year but sad to say, I wouldn’t be able to graduate this May because I’d failed the college evaluations.

This may be my last letter to you as I’m now fixing my other subjects for December’s graduation for the Octoberians. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to live up with your expectations, looking forward to this May’s graduation. I’m striving hard to pass all the remaining subjects and I hope I won’t fail you this time. I sincerely apologize for all my shortcomings as a scholar. I know this is just a hurdle that I need to overcome with God’s help, courage and determination. May you continue to build dreams of hopeful scholars and one day I promise to pay you back for all the help and support that you’ve given me.

God bless and more power!

Louise Rose Francisco, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

A good and blessed day sir!

After four (4) years of hard works, perspiration, challenges and sacrifices, I now gathered its sweet fruit… SUCCESS! I am now a graduate in my chosen field. I am a teacher..a person who will mold the learners to become great engineers, doctors, nurses, teacher and other professionals. I always admire teachers for they really worked hard to help the learners’ achieve their full potentials as unique individuals. That’s why I wanted to be like them. At first this dream seems impossible but ABC Foundation came to my life and this dream is now at my hand. I am now a teacher and I am looking forward to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers in September so that I will become a certified teacher with license. But, as of this moment, I already had my job as a pre-school teacher in Raises Montessori Academe.

Opportunity knocks only once like what most people said, that’s why when my mother heard your program 9 years ago, she never think twice..we grabbed it for she believe that this opportunity can be mine too. And she is right, ABC Foundation sends me to school not only in high school but in college as well.

In behalf of my family especially my parents, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the people behind ABC Foundation most especially to you, Mr. Lewis Edwards for sending me to school for 9 years and giving me the opportunity to be the person what I wanted. For without your help, my dreams wouldn’t be achieved and my full being wouldn’t be realized. Being an ABC scholar doesn’t just help me to study, it also help me to become a better person especially when I am in college. A student who is discipline enough more specifically when it comes to study because I know that making you proud is the only way I can give you as a return for the goodness that you always showed me. I do not have anything, but my hard works were dedicated to all of you. In everything I do, I always include the foundation as one of my inspiration for the success of my every activity.

All your help and kindness to me will always stay in my heart forever and I will always use it as my inspiration in helping children who is in need when the right time comes that I am also capable of helping them like what you did to me. I also wanted to send children to school and give them the opportunity that I once have.

Once again, thank you very much and may the good Lord continue to shower you and your golden heart.

Toni Rose Josue, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in Special Education, University.

I want to tell you “Thank you,” but it doesn’t seem enough. Words don’t seem sufficient – “Blah, blah” and all that stuff. Please know I have deep feelings about your generous act. I really appreciate you; You’re special, and that’s a fact!

Thank you for (the gift/your kindness). Thank you for being the person you are: kind and thoughtful, sensitive and considerate, a generous and thoughtful giver. You are unselfish always, putting others before yourself, making me/us feel special and important. It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

Angelica Mae Panilo, Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Saying thank you can be a difficult thing to do. Doing so means admitting that you are in another’s debt. I am admitting that another individual did something for me. I am not all powerful, I need the help of others to survive. The reality is that the human race is interdependent. We cannot live life alone. We are constantly relying on each other for all kinds of resources, both physical and emotional. When I say thank you I am acknowledging that I have received something from another human being. So, Thank you sir.

Jonnel Tupas, Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Sir! thank you so much for making my dream to finish college possible. I may not graduate with any honor but I know within myself that I had acquired more than just the knowledge from books and the four corners of the classroom. I have experienced college. I have joined and lead groups and I have met wonderful people like you who also believed in what I can do.

I’m one dream down Sir! The next goal is to be successful and extend this blessing of knowledge that I have to my family and also to others. Someday, I will extend a helping hand to children who wants their dreams fulfilled, too.

You’ve taught us-your scholars- how to be compassionate and that is one learning we will never forget. Thank You Sir! :))

Aubrey Jhenila Velasco, Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.